An effective way to enlarge the penis with folk remedies

the woman was shocked by the increase in the size of the man’s penis

Almost every man is not happy with the size of his penis. The average and normal size of the penis in an aroused state is from 8 to 16 cm. Even with such clues, some tricky men, withdraw, refuse to have sexual intercourse. Until recently, it was possible to enlarge the penis only with the help of surgery. Other methods are now available - with the help of ointments and gels, special devices. The operation is dangerous, creams and gels may not give the desired effect or may endanger health - what should a person who wants to enlarge his penis at home choose? There are some interesting techniques of the people, by using them, you can achieve penis enlargement without causing harm to the body.

Folk recipes

If the question is acute - how to enlarge the penis at home without drugs, then you can try several ways to attract people. Don’t experiment with untested methods, be careful!

Folk methods include a variety of herbal injections and poultices, exercises. This can help enlarge the penis by a few centimeters, but regularity and persistence are important here. Do not expect extraordinary results from such a technique - under any circumstances, you will not be able to enlarge your penis more than 1-2 cm!

There are also specialized exercise techniques that can help solve problems. Exercise must be done properly and regularly, do not miss a day. Many people advise methods such as hanging weights on the genitals. Maybe this is an effective technique, but far from safe. You can postpone the load, but very carefully - have previously learned all the subtleties, nuances and dangers of such methods.

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Advantages and disadvantages of folk recipes

If you are interested in enhancing the penis with folk remedies, then before experimenting, it is necessary to learn all the pros and cons of such techniques. First of all, it should be noted that the effectiveness of the folk method has not been proven. Believe it or not - everyone decides for himself. Also, don’t forget that some methods can be harmful, so it’s best to consult your doctor before using this or that recipe.

Another drawback is that the results are not immediately visible. An increase in size can be seen only after a few months, or even years. Regularity is another important condition for obtaining positive results. It is necessary to show perseverance and patience, and only then can positive dynamics be observed.

If we talk about its advantages, then there are several:

  • accessibility - all folk methods and recipes are available to every man;
  • the proper use of such techniques can not only help enlarge the penis, but also improve health;
  • no need to perform surgery, which can be dangerous and very expensive.

If there are problems with the genital organs and are interested in the question of how to enlarge the penis without ointments and other similar means, you can choose some folk recipes and try them. Remember the sense of proportion and follow the safety recommendations!

The most affordable folk remedies for penis enlargement

Traditional penis enlargement methods vary - these are herbal injections, lotions, cheap and affordable pharmaceutical products, exercise, manual therapy. It is impossible to list all the folk remedies, only need to be highlighted only a few - the most affordable, proven and effective.

Baking powder

If you are interested in how to enlarge your penis without creams and ointments, first you need to make sure that you do not suffer from chronic diseases of the genitourinary system. If there is pathology, then the use of folk methods can not only give positive results, but also harm the body.

Baking soda - Recipes with this ingredient are quite popular. It is possible to enlarge the penis with baking soda, but it takes time. Baking soda thins the blood and can penetrate deep into the tissues of the genital organs. This is the basis of the effectiveness of soda. Important to note! It is best to use baking soda not as the main, but as an additional way to add size.

Baking soda to increase the size of the organs can be used to prepare ointments and lotions, infusions for oral administration. The most common options are:

  1. take a shower- the easiest but most effective method. You need 100 g of powder per liter of water. A bath should be taken before doing penis enlargement exercises. The method is safe and harmless;
  2. compress- dilute soda (two tablespoons) in a glass of warm water and make a lotion on the penis for a month. The longer you use the lotion, the more likely you are to get good results;
  3. ointment- a little water is added to the soda to make a creamy mixture. The ointment is rubbed into the organ three times a day, if desired, natural honey can be added to such an ointment. Soda ointment should be applied to the penis with a gentle massage motion.

You can also use a soda solution for oral administration. This solution should be taken before meals twice a day. Simple recipe - a quarter teaspoon of powder in a glass of water. Gradually, the amount of soda should be increased - up to one tablespoon at a time.

Important!If you use baking soda to enlarge your penis, keep in mind the contraindications and precautions. Lotions and baths should not be done if there are sores and rashes on the body. You should not take soda solution for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and individual intolerance to the product.

baking soda for penis enlargement


Another remedy that is available is petroleum jelly. This is a rather risky and dangerous method, the essence of which is to inject petroleum jelly into the penis. For manipulation, you need vaseline oil and a syringe. Several cubes of the product are injected into the genitals by injection.

Important!This procedure is dangerous and can cause cancer. So, if you value your health, exclude this technique categorically!


If you are interested in penis enlargement without ointment, then gymnastics is the most affordable and safest option. There are several sets of exercises, some aimed at increasing thickness, while others are aimed at changing the length of the organ. You need to do this exercise regularly and several times a day. In a few months, you can achieve positive results and increase organ size.

Gymnastic exercises are done by hand, the penis should be in a slightly erect position. Before exercising, the organs must be lubricated. Do not perform movements that can be painful.

The simplest and most effective exercises:

  • kneading the head of the penis with the thumb (5 minutes);
  • stretch the penis to the pubis (15 seconds), several approaches, each time the amount should increase;
  • stretching the penis towards the buttocks;
  • swing the penis from side to side;
  • synchronous movement from the base of the penis to the head.

Cargo suspension

You can also enlarge the penis without ointment with the help of a load suspended on the genital organs. The method is unsafe and very extreme. The load is glued to the penis and pulled out. Should start with a weight of 100 grams, gradually bring it to one kilogram. Need to carry a load for several hours a day, and this requires free time, so the method is not suitable for everyone. Moreover, it is dangerous, as improper load safety can cause injury.

seat belts for penis enlargement

Herbal therapy

The use of herbal injections as lotions, compresses, and even for oral administration is a safe and effective technique. There are many ingredients and infusions that have a good effect on men’s health and can not only enlarge the penis by a few centimeters, but can also improve men’s health.

Gingko Biloba

Gingko Biloba is a useful plant that has long been used in cosmetology. The infusion of gingko leaves should be rubbed into the penis once or twice a day with gentle massage movements. The infusion can be purchased at a pharmacy or prepared yourself. This tingtur improves blood circulation, has a beneficial effect on sexual function, and improves erections.


Ginseng tincture is also rubbed into the penis. You can make lotions and compresses. Tingtur is made from the roots of this plant and, with regular use, can increase the size of organs by several centimeters. It is made with alcohol and can be purchased at pharmacies.


This ingredient has long been known for its beneficial properties. Decoction of thyme is taken orally several times a day. Recipe - 200 grams of herbs must be poured a glass of boiling water and insist in a dark place. This herbal tea improves well -being and enhances sexual performance. Compresses and lotions from thyme decoction, with regular use, can enlarge the penis, but this will take more than a month. Alternatively, you can also drink ginger tea with honey on a regular basis.


The color of garlic

If you need penis enlargement without cream, try garlic color. Pour finely chopped vegetables with alcohol and leave for several days in a dark place. It is best to take 20 drops before meals twice a day.

Wormwood and lungwort

Lungwort and wormwood are both pre-existing ingredients that have long been used in traditional medicine. Herbs are injected with alcohol, ready -made products can also be purchased at the pharmacy. It should be taken according to the instructions on the package.

Leech cream

Leech cream improves blood circulation and saturates the penis with beneficial substances that contribute to its enlargement. The cream works well on the skin, increases potency and even helps fight erectile dysfunction. Such a drug is not yet so popular for us and not so easy to find it, but it is an effective cream, its positive effect has been appreciated by many men.

What to choose?

Before using any prescription or technique, consult your doctor. Do not use techniques that can cause injury, untested recipes. At the very least, this will not give any results, at worst, it will endanger the health and reproductive organs.