Penis enlargement by folk remedies

Small penis size often causes problems in love relationships. The owner of a short and thin penis cannot satisfy a woman, because of that she experiences little discomfort and, perhaps, becomes her lover.

To enlarge the penis, men take medication, turn to a surgeon or buy expensive devices (pumps and extensions). But, as practice shows, there is no need to spend a lot of money or exhaust the body with chemicals. To make the penis longer and thicker will help alternative medicine.

Recipes for folk remedies based on herbs

Means prepared from herbal ingredients at home differ from synthetic drugs and supplements in safety and completely natural composition. A man knows exactly what is included in the base of the solution or mixture for penis enlargement and in what proportions.

herbs for penis enlargement

For external use

Healers who practice alternative medicine offer men who are dissatisfied with the size of their penis three effective remedies for local use (in the intimate area):

  • Colored.100 g of dried and ground ginkgo biloba leaves are poured into a glass of good alcohol and infused for 14 days in a container with a dark wall so that light does not penetrate into it. After two weeks, the tincture is filtered, the grass is squeezed through a sieve and discarded. The finished product is rubbed into the penis several times a day with gentle massage movements. The head should not be treated with an infusion of alcohol, as irritation may develop and the oven will start;
  • Compressing.Whole ginseng root is crushed in a blender, poured with vodka diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 1. The drug is infused for 7 days, after which it is filtered. A piece of cloth or gauze is soaked in it, which must be wrapped around the penis for 30-50 minutes. Before the procedure, the water-vodka infusion is heated to a comfortable temperature;
  • Aloe juice.The chemical composition of plants contains substances that stimulate the growth of soft tissue cells and increase the sensitivity of nerve endings. With regular use of pure aloe juice, a man not only lengthens his penis, but also increases the response of the erogenous zone to caress. To experience a lot of pleasure while having sex, and to make the penis a little longer, you need to daily rub the porridge of aloe vera rolled in a meat grinder into his skin. Every day a fresh mass is made.

Some healers advise wiping the penis with 9% vinegar diluted with water. According to them, vinegar contains acids that increase blood flow to the penis at the time of erection, as it becomes larger in diameter and slightly elongated.

Doctors say that this method really improves blood circulation in the penis, but it is fraught with chemical burns, allergies and delicate skin irritation. Therefore, such folk remedies should be used with caution.

For oral administration

The herbs listed below have a beneficial effect on the function of the cardiovascular system, prevent venous thrombosis, promote the opening of the body of the penis cave and facilitate the filling of blood when excited:

  • Ginseng;
  • maca Peru;
  • Ginkgo biloba;
  • hawthorn berries;
  • Nettle;
  • Blackberry;
  • Eleutherococcus;
  • Dandelion;
  • St. WortJohn;
  • Old person;
  • Give it blue.


Some herbs are readily available, such as nettle and dandelion, while others can be purchased at a pharmacy or ordered online. You can also use a tincture based on the desired plant, but it is less effective and not suitable for those who are contraindicated in alcohol products.

herbal medicine for penis enlargement

They make tea for them. For one cup of boiling water, you need to take 1-1. 5 tablespoons of raw material, pour hot water and insist for 5-10 minutes. Sugar or honey is added to the chilled drink. If the tea is too bitter, then the next time you need to add half a teaspoon of herbs or berries.

You should drink such a drink every day - in the morning and 3-4 hours before bedtime. Before bedtime, tea should not be taken, as some herbs cause insomnia. The duration of taking decoctions is individual. Usually, an increase in blood circulation and a slight increase in the penis is observed after 30-45 days.

In addition to tea, decoctions are prepared from the herbs presented. In 500 ml of water, boil 2-3 tablespoons of ground plants or berries, after which the drink is cooled, mixed with honey or sweet jam, divided into 3 times and drunk every three hours during the day.

Penis Enlargement Exercises

Many men dream of making their "manhood" as big as a Negro, for which you have to do the following exercises every day:

  • The "milking" method.In the "standing" position, you need to take the penis in your hand and make a movement that resembles milking. The limb should be pulled down, not to the side, to avoid deformation of the muscles and corpora cavernosa. For the first time, a 10 -minute lesson is enough, and then you have to extend it every day for a few minutes. To facilitate sliding of the palms over the genitals, it is recommended to lubricate it with petroleum jelly or natural sunflower oil;
milking techniques for penis enlargement
  • Stretches.Standing or squatting, you need to take the penis next to the head and pull it down. After 15-20 seconds, the member is released and the action is repeated. In one lesson, you have to pull it at least 15 times. After each day, you need to increase the frequency of stretching by 3-4. When doing this exercise, you need to remember that all movements should be smooth and precise, not cause pain;
  • Strengthens smooth muscles.With each trip to the toilet "little by little" it is necessary to interrupt the flow by tensing the muscles in the perineum. This will help strengthen it and make the fabric structure elastic. In the process of intimacy, the muscles will not restrict blood flow to the cavernous body, as the penis will become slightly larger;
  • smoothing.The penis is placed between the palms of the hands, rubbed with petroleum jelly or lubricant, and smoothed with gentle movements toward the head. It is important that during this time he is relaxed. If an erection occurs, you need to continue a bit until the penis becomes flaccid again. One lesson lasts from 10 to 15 minutes.

Penis exercises are an effective way to enlarge the penis. But if done improperly, it can harm small vessels and delicate tissues. Therefore, they should be done with caution and if there are no health problems such as:

  • Polyps in the urethra;
  • Venereal disease;
  • Inflammation of the urinary tract;
  • Prostatitis;
  • Malignant and benign tumors.

In addition, exercise should be abandoned if there are cuts, ulcers or other damage to the skin of the penis.

Other folk methods

In addition to exercise and herbal remedies for male enlargement, there are other methods that will help men who are unhappy with their penis size:

  • vacuum.For this method, you need a vacuum cleaner. The pipe where the dust is sucked is washed with soap and rinsed. The inlet is lubricated with petroleum jelly and the penis is placed inside. After you need to turn on the vacuum cleaner on low power, gradually increase it. When discomfort is felt, it is necessary to turn off the device and carefully remove the penis. After the first procedure, it will become wider and longer. But keep in mind that this is a dangerous choice, which may cause swelling and bruising;
  • Soda consumption.Rubbing the penis with sodium bicarbonate is an old way to enhance the penis. Small particles of soda irritate the skin of the penis and cause blood to flow there. As a result, it becomes larger, but only in diameter;
  • The load depends.This method is very popular among American Indians. The essence is in suspending a small weight from the penis, which pulls the penis down and stretches the skin, muscles and perforated body. With it, you can raise the phallus, but it will take a lot of time. However, sooner or later, but it will be longer. Choosing this method, you should carefully choose a heavy weight. If it is very heavy, vascular rupture and soft tissue damage will occur;
  • CONSPIRACY.Such rituals are not very effective, but they still help someone, based on reviews on men’s forums. To enlarge the penis, you need to buy a green candle, smear it with olive oil and hold a stalk of parsley over the fire. After the vegetables were finely chopped, they were transferred to a plate with holy water and they whispered on it how much penis size I wanted to have. Then you have to thank the spirits for their help and pour the contents of the plate away from home;
  • bees.The last popular way is very dangerous. Some insects need to be grown in three -liter bottles. The jar is closed with a rubber lid with a hole the size of a penis. Next, you need to insert your penis into the bottle and wait until the bees start stinging it. Insect bites will increase blood circulation and make the penis bigger (it will swell). However, this method is dangerous to health, because allergies can start, which will lead to anaphylactic shock and death due to drowning. In addition, abscesses may appear at the bite site. To prevent this from happening, the wound should be rubbed with iodine.
vacuum pump for penis enlargement


If a man is unsure about the safety of folk methods, it is advisable for him to consult a doctor, or use a proven dietary supplement or pharmaceutical preparation.